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Last news from UPI    Ban Ki-moon in Uummannaq
Ron Alvarez, Ann Andreasen, Nielsigne, Ban Ki-Moon,Ruth, Abigal Kristiansen, Janeq, Pipaluk and Justin la Vallee - Photo: Ciril Jazbec
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INUK screening on an iceberg near UummannaqThe new official Us poster
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INUK release in US and Canada in Spring 2014. Preview February 27 at Smithsonian Museum, DC
Uummannaq Polar Books
Greenland 100 Years ago         Three Swiss Expeditions
EXHIBITION - Greenland 100 years ago
Alfred de Quervain    Arnold Heim
Upcoming exhibitions

Next openings:
Mendelsohn House, Olsztyn, Poland,
June 10.
and Frammuseum, Oslo, June 11.

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Ongoing exhibitions
Greenland House, Aalborg to June 1
Ittoqqortoormiit - February 27 to April 21

The opening event at Greenland House, Aalborg
Photo by Else Lukassen
The Avannaa documentary (70 min.) is finished:

Four chapters of the Avannaa Expedition documentary Neqi by/Bertrand Lozay:

* Meteorite Man, Vittus Qaerngaaq (2:25)
* Churches' check (1:43)
* Josephine Island (2:07)
* Grand-son Henson, Aajaku Henson (2:20)
Rockwell Kent
The Greenland Paintings Project

Rockwell Kent oil painting: Uummannaq seen from Qaarsut
Uummannaq MUSIC
Uummannaq Music playing for the Queen of Denmark - Photo: Thom Wolke
In memory of Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger and Ann
Link to the video

Link to article in Sermitsiaq:
Danish - - - Kalallisut
Inuit Art from Alaska
Iñupiaq Artist
Allison Akootchook Warden
Visited The Children's Home February 2014

Allison performing
Inuit Art

Inuit clothing and drum from Alaska
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Bertrand Lozay: ANIMATION FILM

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Photo: Ciril Jazbec

Photo: Sebastien Tixier.

Photo: Tuck Gaisford

Photo: Patrick Morell
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